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Sullivan's Double Dip
$88.50 incl. GST
The daily skin and hair conditioning dip that is naturally healthy for hair.
Leg shag
$30.00 incl. GST
Ultra Sheen
$25.00 incl. GST
Mane N Tail original conditioner
$20.00 incl. GST
Sure Coat Quart
$69.20 incl. GST
Sure Coat gallon
$190.00 incl. GST
Knockout Gallon
$86.50 incl. GST
Knockout Quart
$37.50 incl. GST
Zoom Bloom Quart
$48.90 incl. GST
Fighting Five- fungus treatment Gallons and Quarts
$54.75 – $456.00 incl. GST
Sullivan's Anti-Fungus Equipment Dip
$50.49 incl. GST
Sullivan's Fungus Fighter Gallon
$117.81 incl. GST
Sullivan's Shock Quart
$58.00 incl. GST
Sullivan's Shock Gallon
$148.90 incl. GST
Legit hair pop and shine without the oil residue. This is the best show day hair product we have ever used. Shock that lifeless, flat show day hair back to life with Sullivan’s Shock.
Sullivan's Top Gun
$11.20 incl. GST
An essential for every show box
Sullivan's Tail Bag 2.0
$25.85 incl. GST
Protection for your precious tail hair!
Sullivan's Russ' Rag Oil Half Gallon
$54.00 incl. GST
Russ Rag Oil is a superior, deep penetrating, organic skin and hair conditioning treatment that provides essential nutrition to rejuvenate dull/dry hair, control dandruff, and create fresh, beautiful hair.
Sullivan's Revive LITE
$23.00 incl. GST
Sullivan's Revive
$23.00 incl. GST
Sullivan's Kleen Sheen Quart
$22.00 incl. GST
Kleen Sheen is the fantastic daily hair care conditioning formula for producing healthy, well trained hair with that “Ultra” shine.