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Online heifer show 2021

Online entries link-->

Please post your entries on the *Limitless Online Heifer show* group

Entries open at 4 pm on the 6th of August and close at 5 pm on the 16th of August.

Judging will take place 26th of August- results will be posted to the *Limitless Online Heifer show* group 

Entries must be registered to the respective breed society (Registrable crosses accepted eg. SimAngus)

Classes below are in judging order, this year we have Rebekah Rushton from Lakota Livestock judging our heifer show.

PLEASE NOTE as entries come in we may change some classes, if we have less than 3 entries in a class they will be combined with another class. Placings with no prizes listed will be updated in the next few days.


Jackpot $25

1st takes 60% of pooled entry fees and Showtimes banner

2nd 30% of pooled entry fees

3rd 10% of pooled entry fees


Bred & Owned (24 years and under) $5 


Exhibits in this section must be bred and owned. 

1st Showtimes banner and $50 voucher 

2nd $30 voucher 

3rd $25 voucher 


General Classes $15

1st $20 voucher 

2nd $15 voucher 

3rd $10 voucher 


Calf 6 months and under 

Junior over 6 months to under 12 months 

Intermediate 12 months to under 18 months 

Senior over 18 months to under 24 months 



All champions receive Showtimes banner plus TBA products

Calf champion

Runner up Calf champion

Junior champion 

Runner up Junior champion 

Intermediate champion

Runner up Intermediate champion

Senior champion

Runner up Senior champion


Grand Champion 

Runner up Grand champion 

Best fitted heifer (judged by Limitless, every animal automatically entered) Showtimes banner and your choice of 6 cans (adhesive, paints, conditioners, and other treatments in cans that we stock) RRP$132