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Online heifer show 2021

Please post your entries on the *Limitless Online Steer show* and pay here, that's all you need to do!

Group link:

Entries open NOW and close 9th November *Stricly NO late entries*

Judging will take place 25th November- results will be posted to the *Limitless Online Steer show* group 

The classes below are in judging order, this year we have Jason Schulz from Raven Limousin & Lim-flex judging our steer show.

PLEASE NOTE as entries come in we may change some classes, if we have less than 3 entries in a class they will be combined with another class.

Classes divided by weight 

Prospect steer less than 300kgs (can be on the cow or weaned)

Domestic 300-400kgs

Heavy domestic 400.1-500kgs 

Export 500.1 and up 



1st takes 60% of pooled entry fees and Showtimes banner

2nd 30% of pooled entry fees

3rd 10% of pooled entry fees 


General Classes $25

1st $20 voucher 

2nd $15 voucher 

3rd $10 voucher

All champions receive Showtimes banner plus voucher 

Prospect Steer champion $100 voucher and banner 

Runner up Prospect Steer champion $50 voucher and banner 

Domestic champion $100 voucher and banner 

Runner up Domestic champion $50 voucher and banner

Heavy Domestic champion $100 voucher and banner 

Runner up Heavy Domestic champion $50 voucher and banner

Export champion $100 voucher and banner 

Runner up Export champion $50 voucher and banner

Grand Champion $150 voucher and banner 

Runner up Grand champion $100 voucher and banner 


Best fitted steer (judged by Limitless, every animal automatically entered) Showtimes banner and your choice of 6 cans (adhesive, paints, conditioners, and other treatments in cans that we stock) RRP$132, you can add an extra phot that shows the steers fitting and presentation.