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Clear Choice is the ultimate in livestock shampoos. It is pH balanced for the sensitive skin and hair of livestock, unlike other shampoos that strip natural oils from the hair and destroy hours of hair training work. This bio-based surfactant technology attaches to dirt and pulls it away from the hair and skin for superior cleaning, and allows hair to separate with ease. Fortified with the VITA HAIR nourishing vitamin package to stimulate faster hair growth and encourage skin health. Recommended for all livestock. Rinses out easily. 

VITA HAIRTM is an advanced nutrient package that infuses the hair with proven hair vitamins for... 

• Faster Hair Growth   • Thicker Hair   • Increased Shine

• More Body & Volume   • Healthier Skin   • Improved Nutrient Absorption

Sullivan's Clear Choice Shampoo

PriceFrom $30.00