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Shampoo And Conditioners

Yes, it’s true, genetics can play a part in the amount of hair a calf has.  But, we truly believe that daily hair care play an even bigger part.  we’ve watched it happen over the years with our own cattle.

Soap Foamer
Steer washed with Volumizer Shampoo in a foamer

Plus, getting a start on hair care for the shows well ahead of time, will put you that much further ahead, whether it's a junior heifer show or the county shows.

vita hair volumiser gallon

Heavy-duty soap foaming tool. Simply fill with shampoo, attach a water hose, and spray. Features a quick disconnect nozzle for easy rinsing. The foamer sprays a pre-set amount of foamed shampoo onto the animal.

Produces Hair Volume
Making each hair follicle stand on end for a noticeable difference in hair volume and body.

Volumizer Shampoo and Hydrator Conditioner
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