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The daily skin and hair conditioning dip that is naturally healthy for hair. Fortified with the VITA HAIR™ nourishing vitamin package to condition and stimulate the skin and strengthen the hair shaft. Spray Double Dip once daily after washing or rinsing to neutralize any soaps left in the hair, eliminating dandruff. Double Dip detangles and separates hair, allowing comb to easily glide through hair. Double Dip adds a light shine, helps repair split ends, and promotes an overall healthy hair coat. Will not weigh hair down. Requires no washing out. 

VITA HAIRTM is an advanced nutrient package that infuses the hair with proven hair vitamins for... 

• Faster Hair Growth   • Thicker Hair   • Increased Shine
• More Body & Volume   • Healthier Skin   • Improved Nutrient Absorption

Sullivans Double Dip