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This brushless Andis clipper is perfect for all coats and breeds and great for grooming multiple dogs in a day. The brushless motor helps to deliver maximum power and torque for those tough grooming jobs.

Equipped with a brushless motor for maximum power and torque for even the toughest grooming jobs

Constant speed technology means the clipper won't slow down through thick or matted areas

Features two speeds - Normal: for most cutting needs and High: for thick coats

Fits all Andis professional detachable blades and most competitor blades

Speed: 2,300/3,400 spm

Volts: 100-240V

Frequency: 50-60Hz

Weight: 0.3kg

Length: 14.78cm

Equipped with CeramicEdge® Detachable Blade Size 10

Detachable blades for easy changing & cleaning

Heavy-duty 3m power cord

CeramicEdge #10 Blade


Perfect for all coats and breeds, and ideal for all-day professional grooming

Innovative brushless motor which delivers maximum torque and power

2-speed clipper that runs at 2, 300/3, 400 strokes per minute

Andis Clipper AGC 2-Speed

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