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Green Cap can calm livestock and help lower stress. Used with cows, sheep, horses and goats, it aims to help livestock cope better during weaning, introduction and exit from feedlots, and when in the unfamiliar surrounds of yarding and transportation.

Differing from other Beachport products which are dosed every six weeks, Green Cap is dosed at key times. It includes the Beachport blend of trace elements, amino acids and utilises the naturally occurring calming effects of electrolytes.


Benefits of Green Cap

  • Aids in improving feed conversion of dry and green feed
  • High amino acid content (the building block of protein)
  • Nil withholding period
  • Three-year shelf life


  • Natural formulation can help lower stress levels. A calmer animal travels better.
  • Decreases shrinkage during transportation.
  • The animals don’t empty out on the truck as much.
  • Application flexibility – for best results use via water supply, but it can also be mixed with feed.
  • Aids in reducing dark cutters and assists with improving MSA grading.
  • Helps with dead gut – gets animals back onto feed and water more efficiently.
  • Animals remain hydrated and retain moisture.


  • Animals cope better with separation and are easier to handle when stress levels are lowered.
  • Animals spend less time sulking and return to feed and water sooner.
  • Helps to reduce weaning time.
  • Quick assimilation to new surroundings.


  • Quick assimilation to new surroundings.
  • Animals go back onto feed and water faster with less downtime.
  • Increases feed conversion and helps animals cope with change of feed.


Please contact us if you are interested in larger quantities or other Beachport Liquid Minerals products.

Beachport Liquid Minerals - Green Cap