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Please contact us to order in any colour we dont have in stock.


Exciting new arrival! Andis Clipper Pulse ZR II cordless in Black, Purple Galaxy, and Flora! Includes spare battery!


Key Features:
- Professional 5-Speed Cordless Clipper for cutting through all animals and coat types
- Lightweight cordless clipper allows for ultimate flexibility and versatility while still maintaining the highest of motor power and torque
3-hour run time per battery. 2-hour charge time for full capacity.
- Comes with Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade which runs cooler than normal steel blades and lasts 70% longer

Andis most powerful grooming technology combined with the freedom of cordless clipping.
Designed by groomers for groomers. An immensely powerful cordless motor, ergonomic lightweight design, and seamless transitions between 5 speeds means any grooming job is a walk in the park. Five speed settings provides you with flexibility and efficiency; allowing you to tackle sensitive areas on slower speeds and thicker areas of the coat on faster speeds without missing a beat. This has the added benefit of reducing the heat produced by the blades, which results in a longer life. The efficiency of a 5-speed motor working with Andis highest performing blade, the Andis #10 CeramicEdge Blade, means high-quality, reliable grooming for longer.

Andis Clipper Pulse ZR II