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Sullivan's Hair Savior is just that! Finally, a liquid adhesive breakdown that is healthy for your leg hair. Hair Savior adhesive breakdown features a proprietary blend of the purest, mild cosmetic grade plant-based ester technologies to naturally attack and gently remove adhesives and touch-ups away from the hair. These specific plant based surfactants have been specially identified for their unique ability to naturally counter-act the tackiness of adhesives, changing their rubberized molecular resin structure to gently dissolve the bond from the hair without any harsh stripping. This properly balanced pH formula prevents heavy, oily residues and will not create heat. Contains the Sullivan’s VITA HAIR™ nourishing vitamin package. Hair Savior™ is the first liquid adhesive breakdown product with added hair vitamins to hydrate and regenerate the hair. Mild and gentle, no harsh chemicals like other removers. Hair Savior™ ... the showman’s choice for repetitive show schedules and leg hair health! 

VITA HAIRTM is an advanced nutrient package that infuses the hair with proven hair vitamins for... 

• Faster Hair Growth   • Thicker Hair   • Increased Shine
• More Body & Volume   • Healthier Skin   • Improved Nutrient Absorption

Sullivan's Vita Hair Hair Savior

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