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Russ Rag Oil is a superior, deep penetrating, organic skin and hair conditioning treatment that provides essential nutrition to rejuvenate dull/dry hair, control dandruff, and create fresh, beautiful hair. This concentrated moisturizer is extremely rich in nourishing high-grade lanolin, olive oil, plant seed oils, Vitamin E and VITA HAIR to be naturally healthy for skin and hair. Especially valuable during winter months when cattle hair tends to get dry. The ORIGINAL Rag Oil formula from Russ Brannen, a Sullivan exclusive. 

For a deep conditioning daily treatment, create a mixture of 1/3 part Russ’s Rag Oil and 2/3 part Kleen Sheen in a spray bottle. Spray over the entire body, let it soak into hair and skin over-night, and rinse with water in the morning. Repeat this process one to three times per week as part of daily hair care program. Requires no washing out. Select single or case, and specify quantity below. 
Half Gallon = approx. 1.9Litres
VITA HAIRTM is an advanced nutrient package that infuses the hair with proven hair vitamins for... 

• Faster Hair Growth   • Thicker Hair   • Increased Shine
• More Body & Volume   • Healthier Skin   • Improved Nutrient Absorption

Sullivan's Vita Hair Russ Rag Oil

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